• American Airlines
  • Brinks Home Security
  • U.S. Air Force Medical Services
  • Caremark Pharmaceuticals
  • Anderson Consulting
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • MGM Grand Hotels
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Shell Oil
  • ​Alliance Oncology
  • Kautex
  • ​Interstate Restoration


Vicki Kelsey 

Founder and President

Vicki and her team have been enabling individuals and teams to achieve higher levels of performance for over 30 years.  They have vast expertise in developing and delivering learning that provides necessary skill building to improve engagement, increase innovation and achieve business results.  Their solutions focus on using accelerative learning principles that address all learning styles, improve learning retention, and decrease time to proficiency.

We identify training and processes to take your leadership team to the next level. 

We will work with executives to build the case for change and assist with a strategic learning  plan from development to  implementation.

Vkal, inc. follows up on commitments of leaders to advance engagement and application of learned behaviors.

Vkal, inc. uses assessments, interviews, and observations to conduct a comprehensive leadership performance audit.

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