SESSIONS  at a glance:

Session 1- Do you ever feel like you have explained goals, expectations, and strategies but others just don't get it? The responsibility of the leader is not just to share information but to ensure that information is received and acted upon. In this session, you will learn about your preferred communication style and how you can be more effective in ensuring the important information your team needs is actually received. At the end of this session, you will return to work with new communication skills as well as a robust communication strategy to implement. 

Session 2: Interest based leadership is a critical and under-used skill. Leaders who can effectively implement this approach will improve the engagement and commitment of their team members and also improve relationships with employees, peers, bosses and customers. A variety of case studies will be used in this session to demonstrate the many opportunities for applying these newly learned behaviors.

Session 3: Effectively leading through change is a core leadership competency in today's business environment.  In this session we will explore the expectations of change leaders and discover strategies and behaviors for success.

Session 4: In this session we will study high performing teams and explore processes for raising the performance level of an entire team.  Techniques and behaviors for sustaining the level of performance in a team needed to compete in today's market place will be practiced through case studies and real situations.

leadership cohort 


Quarterly training sessions will be conducted at Old Bison Ranch, located 15 miles south of historic Waxahachie just off I35-E.  Training facility is surrounded by beautiful rolling pastureland, natural spring-fed ponds, and groves of pecan trees creating the perfect venue for a relaxed learning experience away from the distractions of the workplace. 


YEAR LONG PROGRAM designed to enhance the leadership skills of mid - senior level leaders.  This unique developmental opportunity allows a small group of leaders to learn together, share best practices, network, and support each other's success.  

The cohort benefits individuals and organizations.  Individuals participate in QUARTERLY TWO-DAY SESSIONS designed to increase self awareness, build leadership competencies, and increase individual effectiveness.  Participants also benefit from FOUR ONE-HOUR COACHING SESSIONS to enhance the application of learned skills on the job.  Accountability and encouragement is provided via e-mails, updates, and relevant articles.

Organizations benefit by developing and retaining talented leaders with the skills to enhance engagement, increase innovation, and positively impact business results.